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Privacy Payment Solution

Experience Truly Private and Fast Payments and Transfers with HiiCash - No Tracking, No Personal Data Required

0 Fees on Transfers and Payments

Card Payments & Cash-Outs

USDT Deposits and Withdrawals

Minimal Data Collection

Next-Generation Privacy Payment Solution

HiiCash Voucher
Online Equivalent of Physical Cash

Offline physical cash payments are the sole legally-protected anonymous privacy payment method.

HiiCash Voucher replicates physical cash' privacy for online payments.

No Registration, Totally Anonymous

Track prices and follow charts

Only You View Your Transaction History

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Zero Fees on All Spending

Use Without Limits

No User Data Ever Collected

Key Features

Easy Usage

Like paying with physical cash, use HiiCash online by first purchasing vouchers from e-commerce sites, then entering the card number and password at checkout - no pre-registration required.

Incredibly Easy Usage

UnionPay Card Issued

The HiiCash UnionPay USD Card allows for global spending and ATM withdrawals. With guaranteed fund security and no daily usage limits, it’s a reliable alternative to traditional bank cards.

UnionPay Card Issued

Private & Secure

HiiCash is a micro-payment service provider that doesn't excessively collect user data for unnecessary risk controls. We ensure user balance security through multiple verification methods.

Private & Secure

How to Make
Private Payments


Buy Hii-Vouchers

Users can purchase HiiCash vouchers on e-commerce sites using credit cards, e-wallets or cryptocurrencies.


Pay with Privacy

Users directly complete payments on merchant websites using just the voucher card number and password.


Save Balances

Users can register for a HiiCash Rewards account to reload and use any remaining HiiCash voucher balances.


Trusted by

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Your Privacy, Our Mission

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